Free Social Bookmarking Sites List

100+ Free Social Bookmarking Sites List 2023

One of the best and fastest ways to get backlinks to your websites is to use our social bookmarking. You can sign up for these sites and make your own link for free. In this post, we share a list of 100+ high-authority Social Bookmarking sites where you can get a free link. When you share your website on Social Bookmarking sites, you give your site a good backlink. These links will help your site get more traffic, attract more users, and rank higher in SERP. On social bookmarking sites, you can share links to your website’s blog posts, web pages, images, and videos. Since a lot of people check these websites every day, they have a lot of authority. This means that the link you get from them will also have a big effect on how well your website ranks.

Why do we need sites to share bookmarks?

SEO workers have always had a hard time coming up with good backlinks for websites. Still, if you use Social Bookmarking sites, you can get good links with just a few hits. It has helped bloggers and pros improve their SERP rankings. Why Social Bookmarking is important is listed below.

1. Bring in more people:

As I’ve already told you, social sites with high-quality backlinks will send visitors to your site. Most sites for social bookmarking show the posts to the user based on what they are interested in. Even your websites will be at the top of the list when someone looks for a topic on a Social Bookmarking website.

2. Making money:

Adding links to social bookmarking will also help you make more money. When it comes to getting links, you will always need a big budget. If you want to do a guest post on any website, you will have to pay them, but you can get a link for free on similar authority Social Bookmarking websites.

3. Widespread use and high authority:

Let’s use Tumblr as an example. has a DA of 78 and a PA of 99. Think about how good a link you’ll get from here. And because Tumblr is so popular with users, you will also gain from it. Top New Approved Social Bookmarking Sites List.

S.NoWebsiteLink Type
1Hit Ranks BookmarkingDoFollow
2Seo Entry BookmarkingDoFollow
3Directory Open BookmarkingDoFollow
4Add New Article BookmarkingDoFollow
5Linked Directory BookmarkingDoFollow
6Link Asap BookmarkingDoFollow
7Way Tess BookmarkingDoFollow
8Blog Target BookmarkingDoFollow
9Leed Link BookmarkingDoFollow
10Woo Tic BookmarkingDoFollow
11Blog Pair BookmarkingDoFollow
12Gee Post BookmarkingDoFollow
13Write Dig BookmarkingDoFollow
14Blog Hint BookmarkingDoFollow
15Lari Web BookmarkingDoFollow
16Winzer Web BookmarkingDoFollow
17Blog Epic BookmarkingDoFollow
18Webs Tips BookmarkingDoFollow
19Nancy Web BookmarkingDoFollow
20Chris Webs BookmarkingDoFollow
21Webs Local BookmarkingDoFollow
22Matt Webs BookmarkingDoFollow
23High Weber BookmarkingDoFollow
24Web Croon BookmarkingDoFollow
25News Dark BookmarkingDoFollow
26Make Article BookmarkingDoFollow
27Poste Article BookmarkingDoFollow
28Ways Box BookmarkingDoFollow
29Fox Write BookmarkingDoFollow
30Online Writes BookmarkingDoFollow
31Ad Pand BookmarkingDoFollow
32Webs Add BookmarkingDoFollow
33Blog Unique BookmarkingDoFollow
34At Write BookmarkingDoFollow
35Online Jess BookmarkingDoFollow
36Big Mach BookmarkingDoFollow
37Web Burb BookmarkingDoFollow
38Link Zoon BookmarkingDoFollow
39Dilo Tech BookmarkingDoFollow
40Hub Yes BookmarkingDoFollow
41Make Proper BookmarkingDoFollow
42Web Likely BookmarkingDoFollow
43Online Far BookmarkingDoFollow
44Blog Tela BookmarkingDoFollow
45Para Tick BookmarkingDoFollow
46Web Lide BookmarkingDoFollow
47Sile Web BookmarkingDoFollow
48Tops Rank BookmarkingDoFollow
49Yes Hist BookmarkingDoFollow
50Zee Dom BookmarkingDoFollow