Free Directory Submission Sites List

100+ Free Directory Submission Sites List 2023 (Instant Approval)

Directory submission sites hold great significance in acquiring valuable backlinks, making them an invaluable off-page SEO tactic for sharing a business’s details and its website URL.

In this technologically advanced internet age, almost everyone possesses knowledge about search engine optimization, which refers to a digital marketing approach comprising diverse strategies.

Search engine optimization encompasses numerous on-page and off-page endeavors that contribute to enhancing website visibility and ranking.

The internet is teeming with an array of web directory submission sites, offering ample space to include your website, business name, information, and, most significantly, your website URL.

As a result, your business or website can achieve heightened recognition across the digital landscape.

What is Directory Submission?

Directory submission refers to the process of submitting your website title, URL, and description into online web directories to create one-way, regional, and free backlinks.

It is one of the off-page SEO activities that can create backlinks for any website.

To perform a directory submission, one must submit their website URL to directory submission sites, in order to obtain high-quality backlinks that can improve their website’s ranking.

In other terms, it is a technique for listing your website in various directories under specific categories.

Hence, it is an exceptional technique to increase a website’s domain authority.

S.NoWebsiteLink Type
1Leed Link DirectoryDoFollow
2Woo Tic DirectoryDoFollow
3Blog Pair DirectoryDoFollow
4Gee Post DirectoryDoFollow
5Write Dig DirectoryDoFollow
6Blog Hint DirectoryDoFollow
7Lari Web DirectoryDoFollow
8Winzer Web DirectoryDoFollow
9Blog Epic DirectoryDoFollow
10Webs Tips DirectoryDoFollow
11Nancy Web DirectoryDoFollow
12Chris Webs DirectoryDoFollow
13Webs Local DirectoryDoFollow
14Matt Webs DirectoryDoFollow
15High Weber DirectoryDoFollow
16Web Croon DirectoryDoFollow
17News Dark DirectoryDoFollow
18Make Article DirectoryDoFollow
19Poste Article DirectoryDoFollow
20Ways Box DirectoryDoFollow
21Fox Write DirectoryDoFollow
22Online Writes DirectoryDoFollow
23Hit Ranks DirectoryDoFollow
24Seo Entry DirectoryDoFollow
25Directory Open DirectoryDoFollow
26Add New Article DirectoryDoFollow
27Linked Directory DirectoryDoFollow
28Link Asap DirectoryDoFollow
29Way Tess DirectoryDoFollow
30Blog Target DirectoryDoFollow
31Ad Pand DirectoryDoFollow
32Webs Add DirectoryDoFollow
33Blog Unique DirectoryDoFollow
34At Write DirectoryDoFollow
35Online Jess DirectoryDoFollow
36Big Mach DirectoryDoFollow
37Web Burb DirectoryDoFollow
38Link Zoon DirectoryDoFollow
39Dilo Tech DirectoryDoFollow
40Hub Yes DirectoryDoFollow
41Make Proper DirectoryDoFollow
42Web Likely DirectoryDoFollow
43Online Far DirectoryDoFollow
44Blog Tela DirectoryDoFollow
45Para Tick DirectoryDoFollow
46Web Lide DirectoryDoFollow
47Sile Web DirectoryDoFollow
48Tops Rank DirectoryDoFollow
49Yes Hist DirectoryDoFollow
50Zee Dom DirectoryDoFollow