Smart home technology in the UAE is not just seeing a rise in convenience and quality of life; it is also pushing the crime rate to record lows, creating safe communities throughout the emirates.

In 2018, Gulf News and Khaleej Times reported that Dubai Police saw zero thefts in the city for the year, for residents who had signed up to a free comprehensive security scheme set up by the police force. For this, the authorities cited smart home technology as a defining factor, specifically, smart home monitoring services.

The UAE is one of the richest countries in the world per capita, and homes here feature smart technology and devices that aren’t generally available in many other nations. New home monitoring services designed for vacationing residents have made an impact on thwarting theft and crime in the area.

Police in Dubai has reported their satisfaction regarding the implementation of their innovative security initiative that highlights the use of CCTV cameras that work with satellites to provide homeowners and police with external home monitoring services. These cameras can be controlled through their free Dubai Police app.

Through the app, residents can register for the service and set their location to view approximate report times from police in the event of an incident. The cameras do not impede on civil liberties or privacy, and only the external activity in the homes can be viewed by authorities when an alarm is triggered.

Other smart home security services offer sensor packages and cameras for interiors so citizens and expat residents can monitor their homes while they are vacationing, at work or just away on short shopping trips. These services include a large array of add-on services like:

Video Intercom

Using in-door touch screen panels, residents can interact with visitors at their front door, open gates, unlock doors and talk to anyone on the other side with two-way video intercom technology.


Cameras are an integral part of home monitoring services in Dubai and the UAE. Most service providers use trusted products like Arlo and TP-Link in their packages that include baby monitoring cameras, outdoor floodlights and smart plugs for added home automation integration.

Cameras capture, in real-time, movement inside homes that can be monitored from smartphones and hubs.


Sensors detect movement outside and inside the home. They can activate floodlights, motion-activated response lights and security alarms when services are armed and residents are away, thwarting any would-be thieves in the process.

As real estate development in the UAE continues, smart home monitoring services will grow to meet the demand of residents. This kind of smart home technology is producing a safer environment to plant your future investment.